Panaji Streets

Goa Photo 2015 will be the first edition of an annual international photography festival to be held across the city of Panaji and in the Reis Magos Heritage Centre between the 25th of February and the 7th of March 2015. Over a period of ten days, the festival will transform the city and the fort into a platform for showcasing contemporary photography.

Panaji Streets

Each edition of Goa Photo will be organized around a specific theme proposed by a curator of international repute. For 2015, our chosen theme is ‘The Other’, which is an exploration of portraiture. Multiple open-air as well as indoor exhibitions will be held at different venues across the city, many of which will be in public spaces. Apart from exhibitions, talks, workshops, debates, meets with curators and photographers, film screenings and open-air slideshows.

Panaji Streets

We expect to attract visitors from across the country and internationally, including a large representation from the photographic and visual arts community. However, this festival is intended above all for the residents of Panaji: it will be not only be open freely to the public, but will take the exhibitions into the streets, in an attempt to ‘democratise’ cultural activities.


Goa Photo aims to synergise with the urban landscape and architectural heritage of Panaji and the Reis Magos Heritage Centre. This is to be a walkable festival, and the venues have been carefully selected so that visitors simultaneously discover the city’s key districts: Fontainhas, Campal, the city centre and the fort across the river Mandovi. In its own way, the festival will bring visibility to Panaji’s neighbourhoods, to its suburbs and to the wealth of the state’s history.